Our volunteers, members and staff have worked hard to make the Dark Space Planetarium a shining star amongst this region’s Dark Sky attractions

Galloway Forest Park is one of the darkest places in the UK and has been awarded a Dark Sky Park designation, one of only four in the western world. The Dark Space Planetarium is based in The Johnston and will be open to visitors in the summer of 2021. It compliments and adds to the existing Dark Sky attractions in the region.


In the early stages of the project, we reached out to Glasgow Science Centre. They were very keen to work with us to develop a space themed visitor centre for Kirkcudbright. The planetarium at the Glasgow Science Centre is a memorable experience and we wanted to bring some of that magic to our attraction and to incorporate some outstanding material into the Dark Space Planetarium experience.


The Trust worked in partnership with the Dark Skies team and Glasgow Science Centre to create a unique, educational, and diverse venue encompassing the magic of the Dark Skies while delivering a unique, fun, and educational experience.


The main Gallery space in the Dark Space Planetarium contains over 25 interactive exhibits designed to engage and delight visitors of all ages. The exhibits will give visitors the chance to try out simple science experiments, experience life and work as an astronaut, and learn more about the Universe and our Solar System. It is an engaging experience for all. We’re particularly looking forward to welcoming school and student groups to the Dark Space Planetarium to enjoy some time exploring the Universe with us.


The Dark Space Planetarium has been designed and developed to be a fun, educational, and engaging experience for the whole family. From the interactive exhibits to the awesome Planetarium screen, we have tried to make sure our visitors have an out of this world visit. We want the Dark Space Planetarium to be a flagship attraction in Dumfries and Galloway and a must-see destination. We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors and residents from all over the region.



We are proud to say that after all the hard work, Kirkcudbright is home to a state-of-theart visitor attraction which celebrates the majesty and infinity of space, the wonders of science, the thrill of space exploration, and the magic of the Dark Skies right here in Dumfries and Galloway.

The magic of the
Universe right here
in Kirkcudbright


The planetarium at the Glasgow Science Centre is a memorable experience and we hope to incorporate some of the outstanding material into the Kirkcudbright Dark Skies experience. It is hoped we will be able to offer practical astronomy courses for schools, the community and visitors alike. The Barrhill Woods outdoor classroom offers an ideal place to hold outdoor courses, and with shelter from the lights of the town the clear skies can provide magnificent views of the stars.

Thematic Zones:

  • Enjoying Space
  • Exploring Space
  • Understanding Space

Out of this world immersive virtual trips to the stars!

Just off the main exhibition gallery is the immersive Planetarium dome with its 360° cinema screen where audiences will be able to enjoy engaging and inspiring shows. Visitors will take virtual trips to the edge of the Universe, explore inside the human body, and journey around the Earth!

The Dark Space Planetarium’s ‘full-dome’ environment uses multiple HD projectors and surround sound to seamlessly blend together, and they form a perfect hemisphere screen where audiences can share the ‘Virtual Reality-like’ immersive experience.

Pop over to check out the Dark Space Planetarium website.


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